60" x 32" RHS Shower Base BLACK Linear
  • 60" x 32" RHS Shower Base BLACK Linear
  • 60" x 32" RHS Shower Base BLACK Linear
  • 60" x 32" RHS Shower Base BLACK Linear
  • 60" x 32" RHS Shower Base BLACK Linear

60" x 32" RHS Shower Base BLACK Linear

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DIMENSIONS: 60" x 32" x 5.5"

MUS-BASE-LINEAR-R Acrylic Shower Base: Elevate Your Shower Experience

  • Sleek Modern Design: Give your shower a sleek and modern update with the MUS-BASE-LINEAR-R , featuring a clean and contemporary design that enhances the visual appeal of your bathroom.
  • Durable High Gloss White Acrylic: Crafted from durable high gloss white acrylic, MUS-BASE-LINEAR-R ensures longevity and is easy to clean. The natural resistance to stains and scratches keeps your shower looking pristine over time.
  • Low Threshold Base: Enjoy the convenience of a low threshold base, making entry and exit effortless for everyday use.
  • Anti-Slip Surface: The anti-slip surface adds an extra layer of safety to your shower, providing stability while maintaining an easy-to-clean profile.
  • Fully Reinforced Bottom: MUS-BASE-LINEAR-R is designed with a fully reinforced bottom, ensuring stability and durability for long-term use.
  • Left Concealed Drain with Removable Cover: The left concealed drain not only provides a sleek look but also comes with a removable cover, combining style with practicality.
  • Self-Levelling Design: The self-levelling design of MUS-BASE-LINEAR-R makes installation a breeze, fitting seamlessly into any remodeling project.
  • Overall Dimensions: With an overall size of 60" W x 32" D x 5.5" H, MUS-BASE-LINEAR-R offers a spacious and comfortable shower experience.

Experience the perfect combination of modern design, durability, and user-friendly features with the MUS-BASE-LINEAR-R Acrylic Shower Base – where style meets functionality. Upgrade your shower space effortlessly with this versatile and contemporary solution.

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